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Bayo House Wisdom:

We must say we have fought and won the battle from Coronavirus. Yes, we should claim the Blessings from above. Now, I want you to dream just like me.


My Dream Home:

This should be a home about 2, 250 Square feet. Must be a raised Rancher.  Three bedrooms and 3.5 Bathrooms. Let every room have its own bathroom. However, the master bedroom should be a little elevated – call that location raised Master bedroom. My wife likes to be lifted higher in her house than all other rooms. So, let us raise up the master Bedroom for her.

This should be 21ft by 30 feet with a small sitting area for our study inside our bedroom. 3 large windows overlooking a small stream in our back yard.  A moderate size deck with a small tea table with 2 chairs overlooking our yard and that stream. A place we can walk around in the morning to smell the roses. Yes, we have paid our price of working and smiling. It is time to relax and enjoy mother nature.


A beautiful paved back yard with the outskirts full of beautiful flowers. Small walkway around the house for a small walk every morning. A place where we can meet and enjoy family get together. I like to see our grand children come around so that I can tell them old old stories of home and the moonlight stories my grand mother told me in our village when I was young.


A beautiful eat in kitchen and next to the kitchen a huge family dinning that will sit about 20. This Dining will flow into the Great room. No Living room because we never get to use this space in our present house. I will not opt for a basement but stay on one level with all the peace that one can get. The other bedrooms will be very comforting and charming.

That is my Dream Home!!!

What Is Your Dream Home?

See you here next Friday to reason with ‘Bayo House Wisdom’ - Buy with Bayo.


Bayo Oshinnaiye, MBA, GRI,SFR,ABR.

Principal Broker/Owner


Manages and Train Agents.

20 years plus Experience in Residential

and Commercial Real Estate.


Professional development

Skilled at Training gents.

Advance in helping home buyers.

Investor mentoring: This  is a consulting service with fees from January 2018.

Our People are our success.

With Trust in God, wisdom and understanding.

We all work together to get each family into a comfortable place where they can call Home.  We thank so many families that we have been able to work with to secure their own homes. Thank you, we appteciate you. 

Thanks to our Management  and Ms. Olu.  She has been like our finance officer, helping us with payroll and commission payments. She has been a great  asset to the company. Laurel.  

Call our office 301-498-4160,  or call the agent of Choice below. We praise the hard working agents at HRR.

Our agents are very good and professional. You are in good hands and trusted professionals.

We make situation better for our buyers. Difficult situation is made easy by our one on one first meeting with our customers to explain to them what the whole experience will be like. We make sure we explain that it is not an easy ride to home ownership.

Good credit and steady job will ease the bumps but the choice of where to live and other factors are very important consideration bu the buyer.

Think of where you want to live. Make notations as to your place of work, your children Schools if you have a family. Where does your spouse work and how close to your proposed location.  Our agents work closely with you in navigating and getting answers for your questions. In the final analysis, you will feel comfortable and we are happy only when you settle into your house.

Please call and work with your choice of agents below.  




Afi Doh



Phone: 301-367-6291

Patient, careful and very understanding.

Buyer Representative.

Over 14 years in Residential Sales.

Afi is aggressive but careful. Determined to find that house described by her client. She diligently pursue excellence in her work. 

Member of National association of Realtors


Charles  A. Olaleye



Licenced in Maryaland  and Virginia.

Phone: 240-299-6705


An all rounder, efficient, experience and ready to execute his responsibility without hesitation.  He knows his business very well and can sell your house for you within 30 days.

Charles, has been trained in selling HUD homes.

Call him today.

Lisa  Dudley.

Real Estate Agent.


Licensed in Maryland and Washington DC. 



Lisa has her specialty and has been in Real Estate for over 12 years.  A very careful and meticulous Real Estate Agent. She selects her clients carefully, and she delivers. 

Charmaine Frances


Phone: 240-848-8644



A great Realtor. Charmaine has dazzled her customers with some quick sales this summer and is on her way to a good record for 2017. I am very sure she will exceed her goal.

She is international and understand the needs of her diverse customers.

Licensed in Maryland.

Member National Association of Realtor 

Maggie Jean:

Real Estate Agent

Phone -919-591-7036



Maggie is currently in South Carolina now. She is a family oriented agent. 

That love of family carry her busness many miles beyound her dream. She wins the heart of all her customers very quickly.

David D'Costa, 

Realtor, Investor.



David came to Real Estate with a purpose. To carve a nitch for himself. 

He went into investment and rehabilitation of homes.

He is in a position to build a complete house and sell it.

He is very quiet but determined to  achive his goal and he is very well focused on getting to that finishing line.

Call David for your Dream Home. He will make it happen.

Member: National Association of Realtor.


Ms. Yolanda Liriano:

Phone: 240-476-6255

Yolanda and Nubia at our office meeting in December 2017.

Ms. Yolanda Liriano is a brilliant charming agent whose personality helps her to build a natural business. She has a wealth of Knowledge and understand her business. Her clients are diverse but she delivers.

Yolanda is Licensed in Washington DC and Maryland. She is one of our top producer. She is bilingual. Spanish and English. She has done very well in a very short period that she joined our team.

You can reach her by phone or by email.

Michelle Jackson;





Member of National Association of Realtors.


More to be written on this agent.


Keith Dukes:

A Banker by Profession and manages Commercial Loan.

Phone: 443-286-2485



More will be written on Keith.


Gabby Addey: 


Gabby return to selling this January 2018. He has been on a personal vacation. We are glad to see him back. He is very easy to work with and has various technique to work you through the purchase procedure. 

Gabby has been in the Real Estate business for over 15 years. He has the experience and the knowledge required to deliver . Please call him or email him.   




Sonia Harvey, of First Home Bank Mortgage:





Mrs. Harvey has been in the mortgage business for over 30 years.

She is very well experienced and has delivered 100% in loan committment for our Associates.

Home Resource Agents has access to othe loan officers, however, it is our joy to introduce Mrs. Harvey in our web site.

Mrs. Harvey is very professional and a great family person. She knows her business andwill work with you diligently.


How? Through the MAP Program


  • You must have a job.
  • You must have a credit score of 640 or above
  • You must not own a home at the time of closing.
  •  Low cost to you- approximately 1.5% of the cost of the house you buy.
  • You will receive money for a down payment.
  •  Seller or Others may pay up to 4% towards closing cost.


For Pre-approval contact: Sonia Harvey, First Home Bank

Direct: 301-641-3889 |Fax: (866) 775-1651


Dedicated | 30 years’ experience| Driven |helping one customer at a time




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