The Choice of Good Real Estate Agent is yours!!!

Our teams success is based on each and everyones passion and commitment for the real estate industry. Every apartment and every house has a unique history that we love to discover together with our clients. Thats what we work for every single day.

    The Choice of Good Real Estate Agent is yours!!! When I bought my first house in New Jersey 40 years ago, no one explained that I have the choice of selecting my agent. It was the same agent that came, wrote the offer on my first house, which he listed and got me to buy. This agent did not show me another house. I was not aware of my right until I became a Real Estate agent in 1995. Even then, Real Estate Sales agents could still make the first-time home buyer do what is not right until recently. We were blessed with the Internet, where we have more information than any agent could store in his/her computer. Yes, as a home buyer, you have the choice to google and find out about that agent who will work with you in deciding where you and your family will live. This house purchase may be the only one that you will ever buy, on the other hand it could be just the beginning of a series of homes. Which ever way you plan to move forward in your purchase, you will need a good agent. Agents are not selected because of their Company Name. What do you look for in the agent: Professionalism, Character, Appearance, Knowledge of the area and houses, Patience and Good presentation. The agent should also have an array of loan companies that are readily available for you to be pre-qualified. You will depend on him/her providing you with information about your new community. The agent must be a member of one of the Real Estate Associations in your State. I always advise agents to have a one on one meeting with some prospective clients before they begin running around to view houses.  The agent will want you to commit that he will be your buyer’s agent. The choice is yours if you have had enough interviews and you are satisfied. Then Commit yourself. Our Agents at Home Resource Realty are very good. They are not happy until you are happy.  Our Real Estate Agents take time to see that you get what you want. They work extra hard for you. They will make sure you get your wish. Our agents help make your dream of home ownership a reality. Make an effort to call one of them today.  Call us at 301-498-4160 or You will thank yourself.              Written by Bayo Oshinnaiye – Broker-owner

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For current Home owners, we want to be your local Real Estate Agent. Let us list your house for sale and help local schools in return: (We contribute to the annual school opening donations of school supplies in Laurel.) 

In addition, we have a wide range of real estate properties for sale or for rent in the MLS in Maryland beginning from Laurel, our home office.

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Make your home more attractive to potential buyers. A sparkling clean appearance gives the impression that your home has been well-maintained and cared for over the years. You do the inside and we will bring the buyers from outside. It is a team work. Thank you for all your business over the years.

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